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            A N O N Y M O U S  I I I



After years of Cross-Disciplinary learning I have determined that  physical strength and mental capacity of super natural proportions is achievable in the near future.


The post human force I will create is highly adaptable to any  set of circumstance , Thought patterns shift with instantaneous precision and physicality's mutate in efforts to channel proper energy directly towards adversarial weakness .









M e t a m o r p h o s e            
                A g e n c y   o f   C h a n g e                             


On a quest for global influence in order to heighten levels of individual consciousness, which in turn strengthens the universal mind.

world political






Intuition is the intellect of the spirit and can be used to manipulate experience, wich is the by product of time.




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Anonymous III brings a refreshing perspective to issues that all to often get neglected by average MC's. When listening to this piece you get the feeling that a foreign entity has infiltrated your intellect for the sole purpose of mind expansion. Anonymous display's an efficient style that reminds you of realities that lurk just beyond the realm your cognition resides in.