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Don't Let Them NAB Our Airwaves About the FCCfederal  communication commission

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Future Predictions, Forecasts, and Speculations for the Coming Third Millennium

OPPRESSION > Experience  these Audio files before you surf through  the Pirate Radio link section

"Smashing the Myths of the Information Industry": RealAudio of Napoleon Williams talking about government repression of microradio and what you can do about it.

Food Not Bombs RealAudio:from the recent Micropower Radio Conference. Contains insight in to biological warfare conducted on the working class by the "Power Elite".

PIRATE RADIO> Fundamental understanding  required for freedom preservation

  • Pirate, Community, and Micro Radio

    • First, make sure to check out another Black Liberation Radio page put together by Paul Riismandel.


    • San Francisco's Liberation Radio has been very vocal in their support of support of BLR and free radio issues. 

    • The Free Radio Network has a very comprehensive site with resources 

    • I guess this listing wouldn't be complete without a link to Free Radio Berkeley, probably the most famous pirate station out there.

    • Steal This Radio is a lively pirate station in New York that's well worth checking out. You might also want to read this article on STR th at appeared in the NY rabble-rousing paper The Shadow. On STR's site they also have some articles on BLR's troubles this April.                

    • Radio For All's site is good and has material in several languages.                      

      This Menu will provide Miscellaneous news that can effect the decisions you make in all aspects of life on a day to day basis. As well as issues that will effect you in the long term 

    • Radio Free Press (formerly Radio Resistor's Bulletin) also has a good collection of articles.

    • As soon as i find some other links that still work i'll add them!

  • Underground, Community, and Radical Media

    • Paper Tiger TV is the place to go for video and media subversion.

    • Chicago's own CounterMedia has some interesting alternative coverage of last year's Democratic National Convention.

    • The Spunk Press Archives has a good collection of pieces on Communications and Anarchism.

    • Definitely check out the host of this site, BURN, and its fantastic set of pages devoted to art, revolution, anarchism, radical media, and more.

the home of the Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition (CIEC), a broad group of Internet users, library groups, publishers, online service providers, and civil liberties groups fighting for the future of the First Amendment and the future of free expression in the Information age.

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  • An Activists Guide to Exploiting the Media :-) Every battle we fight is a battle for the hearts and minds of other people. The only chance we have of reaching people who haven't yet heard what we've got to say is through the media. We might, with good reason, regard the papers and broadcasters with extreme suspicion, we might feel cheapened and compromised by engaging with them. But the war we're fighting is an information war, and we have to use all the weapons at our diposal. Whether we use the media or not, our opponents will.

                                      "   Q     u     o     t     e     s   "                                 

1.  Media prospector Bill McKibben wonders about the exchange value of such information: We believe we live in the 'age of information,' that there has been an information 'explosion,' an information 'revolution.' While in a certain narrow sense this is the case, in many important ways just the opposite is true. We also live at a moment of deep ignorance, when vital knowledge that humans have always possessed about who we are and where we live seems beyond our reach. An Unenlightenment. An age of missing information.

2.  Herbert Schiller considers the interlocked issues of privatized information and limited access: The commercialization of information, its private acquisition and sale, has become a major industry. While more material than ever before, in formats created for special use, is available at a price, free public information supported by general taxation is attacked by the private sector as an unacceptable form of subsidy...An individual's ability to know the actual circumstances of national and international existence has progressively diminished.

3.  Corporate ownership of the newsmedia, the subsumption of an ever-larger number of publishing companies and television networks into an ever-smaller number of multinationals, and the increased privatization of truth by an information-rich, technocratic elite are not newly-risen issues. Consider the observations of Neal Gabler: Everywhere the fabricated, the inauthentic and the theatrical have gradually driven out the natural, the genuine and the spontaneous until there is no distinction between real life and stagecraft. In fact, one could argue that the theatricalization of American life is the major cultural transformation of this century.

4.  Culture jammers answer to that name. "Jamming" is CB slang for the illegal practice of interrupting radio broadcasts or conversations between fellow hams with lip farts, obscenities, and other equally jejune hijinx. Culture jamming, by contrast, is directed against an ever more intrusive, instrumental technoculture whose operant mode is the manufacture of consent through the manipulation of symbols.

5.  Jello Biafra once observed: "There's a big difference between 'simple crime' like holding up a 7-11, and 'creative crime' as a form of expression...Creative crime is...uplifting to the soul...What better way to survive our anthill society than by abusing the very mass media that sedates the public?...A prank a day keeps the dog leash away!"

6.  Sucking Chest Wound's Wayne Morris speaks for all when he says: "I get really angry with the biased coverage that's passed off as objective journalism. By taking scraps of the news and blatantly manipulating them, we're having our revenge on manipulative media."

7.  Culture jammers often make use of what might be called "guerrilla" semiotics -- analytical techniques not unlike those employed by scholars to decipher the signs and symbols that constitute a culture's secret language, what literary theorist Roland Barthes called "systems of signification." These systems, notes Barthes in the introduction to Elements of Semiology, comprise nonverbal as well as verbal modes of communication, encompassing "images, gestures, musical sounds, objects, and the complex associations of all these."

8.  As Gareth Branwyn, a one-time 'zine publisher and longtime resident of virtual communities, points out: The current saturation of relatively inexpensive multimedia communication tools holds tremendous potential for destroying the monopoly of ideas we have lived with for so long...A personal computer can be configured to act as a publishing house, a broadcast-quality TV studio, a professional recording studio, or the node in an international computer bulletin board system

9.  As one resident of a San Francisco-based bulletin board called the WELL noted: This medium gives us the possibility (illusory as it may be) that we can build a world unmediated by authorities and experts. The roles of reader, writer, and critic are so quickly interchangeable that they become increasingly irrelevant in a community of co-creation.

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70 South - Antarctic news and information site
Africa Wire - Your window to African news on the Internet
AfricMusic - Many channels of African music
AIROS - Native American Public Telecommunications
All India Internet Radio - 24-hour Internet news from India
Amazon City Radio - Music and spoken word by women
Amino Radio - Radio of the future
ANA Radio Live -  Internet radio from Saudi Arabia
A Prairie Home Companion - Lake Woebegone on the Internet
Arrow Classic Rock - 24-hour classic rock from the Netherlands
Aspen 102.3 - Music station from Argentina
BBC Taipei - Pop music from Taiwan
Bluesgrass Radio Network - Yee Haw!
BRS Web Radio - Listing all types of Internet radio stations
Catalunya Radio - Internet broadcasting of Spanish radio
China Radio International / Shortwave - News and music of China
CNN audioselect - Headline news plus CNN en Espanol
Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Home page
Crossover - Cool jazz and rhythm & blues from Manila
Cyberradio2000 - Many different grooves, live and on demand
Debt Counselors of America Radio Show - Get out of debt now!
DFM - Experimental music shows
Drip Radio - Some far out stuff from Colorado!
Dublab - Contemporary station combining audio and video
Early 80's Irish Radio - 80's music archives
Escati Magic Radio - Broadcasting 24 hours/day from Thailand
Free Radio Stations - Pirate radio stuff
Free Speech Broadcasting - Low power broadcasting information
Giant Steps - An apocalyptic comedy show for the Web
Glenn Hauser's World of Radio - Weekly radio show
GoGaGa - Free-form, eclectic Internet radio
Green Café - A wide variety of live shows in audio and video
Hong Kong Voice Of Democracy - Audio, video, and photos
Industrial Trance Show - Smooth out after work
Internet Radio Hawaii - Entertaining shows from the Islands
Internet Underground Music Archive - Life in the underground
Ipanema FM - Rock, samba, jazz and more from Brazil
KBLA 1580 Los Angeles - Korean language radio
KLON - Excellent jazz station from Long Beach, California
KWXX - Hawaiian music online using Java player
Limerick's New 95FM - Radio From South West of Ireland
Live Ireland - Music and events live from Ireland
Louisiana Radio - Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, and swamp rock
Metro Broadcast Hong Kong - Radio from Hong Kong
Mike's Radio World - Vast links to Internet radio sites
Music Ramble - Rika Shinohara's music mix from Tokyo
NASA Mike's - Where we go for information about Antarctica
National Radio News - Major Australian news site
Navrang - Internet radio playing Indian music
net MEDIA - Internet broadcast links
Netmix Power Hour - One hour show of dance and trance
Nigerian and African Music - Can't help but dance to this music!
Open Directory Project Internet Radio Sites - Tons of great links!
PBS-FM 106.7 Melbourne - Public radio from Australia
Philharmonic Radio of Taiwan - Classical and jazz
PhilRadio International - Philipino music radio
Planet Proctor Archive - Humor from Firesign's Phil Proctor
Pleasure Dome Radio - Global music experience
Port Of Paradise - Shows of traditional Hawaiian music
PowerNet Internet Radio - Today's best mix
Radio 21 - Radio directly from Pristina/Kosova
Radio 100 - Ether 99.3 FM from Amsterdam
Radio 4 All - Diverse Internet radio links


            M o r e   R e s o u r c e s            

Dossier: Covert Ops & Secret Docs

Dossier offers hundreds of declassified government documents and analysis of covert ops and propaganda campaigns worldwide. Something strange is happening... and we have the papers to prove it.

  Radio Bridge Overseas - Listen to the voice of Africa
Radio Caroline   - Internet radio from Dublin, Ireland
Radio Directory - Huge list of stations all around the world
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Radio France International - A wide variety of programs in French
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Radio Free Asia - Domestic news in many Asian languages
Radio Free Burma - Weekly Burmese-language radio program
Radio Free Cedar Rapids - Micro broadcasting
Radio Free Entertainment Resource - Perspectives
Radio Free Entropy - Adventures in digital low-fidelity
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Regional news for Europe
Radio Free Kansas - Alternative music from Wichita
Radio Free Maine - Check in with Chomsky
Radio Free Monterey - Virtual community for free speech rights
Radio Free New Orleans - Get a taste of New Orleans
Radio Free New York - Proves radio can be fun!
Radio Free Oz - Giggle with Firesign Theater's Peter Bergman
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Radio Free Radio - 24-hour Internet radio on demand
Radio Free Underground - Exploring music with technology
Radio Free World - Pop, jazz, blues, techno, new age, alternative, comedy, and more daily!
Radio Havana - Short wave broadcast of news from Cuba
Radio Nepal - News and information
Radio One Lebanon - Covering all of Lebanon
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Radio Stuff  - Roots music Internet radio
Radio UDG 104.3fm - Broadcasting from Guadalajara, Mexico
Radio Woodstock - The Woodstock Music Mix
Rat Pack Radio - Singing by Frank, Dean, Sammy, Joey, etc.
Relax Radio -  Refreshing, soothing music 24 hours/day
Rhythm Radio - Very colorful and soulful site
Rockit Radio - Vintage music site focusing on 50's - Internet radio and other fun stuff
Rolling Stone Radio - Are you ready to rock on the Web?
Roots World - The online magazine of roots and folk music
Seeing Ear Theater - Combining old radio with new technology
Servizi Radiofonici - Real Audio shows and links from Switzerland
Skeptic Radio - Skeptical view of supernatural and paranormal
Solid Gold Radio 84 - Features music from the 50's and 60's
Sound Print Media Center - Archiving is their business
Spud Mountain Red - Traditional music of North America
Super Stereo - The "Pirate Web" in Spanish language
Talkspot - Internet-only radio shows
The Edge - Rocking New Zealand and the world!
The Media Pirate's Network - Pirate radio stuff
The Music Review:  Radio Stations - More stations to explore
There - The roots, rock, and reggae channel
TwangCast - "Real" country music broadcasts 24 hours/day
World Wide Internet Live Music Archive - Compendium
Ultrasonic Radio - Contemporary music shows
Voice Of Israel - News and information daily from Israel - Multiple live streaming formats
West Coast Live - San Francisco's public radio talk show
Women In Music - Music composed and performed by women
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WTGO - GoGo music 24 hours/day every day
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XFM - Dublin, Ireland - Rockin' Dublin and the world!
Yahoo Broadcast -  Wide variety of audio and video programs
Yorkie's Dubious Radio Web - Links to Internet radio sites
Zanga Zanga - Electrifying Zimbabwean music Thanks


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