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Metamorphose is bringing you fresh  content from well respected research centers all over the world. You no longer have to attend a college or university to become an intellectual. We believe that  keeping up with the latest advancements in brain study will pay huge dividends in the immediate future. Breakthroughs such as Nootropics (smart drugs) and Augmentation (electronic implants) will keep us on point.

 Dynamic Model of Consciousness   intuition


Quantum Computing: Quantum information is an exciting new paradigm for information which has enormous potential to revolutionize computer science.

Nootropic: a word coined by Dr. Giurgea to describe a new class of drugs that act as cognitive enhancers with no side effects or toxicity, from Greek words noos, meaning mind and tropein meaning toward. Also called "Smart Drugs".


Cryonics Links

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Nanomedicine FAQ
Vision of Perfection
C  L  O  N  I  N  G
Neurohacking 102


  • Nanosocialism Seminal paper which argues that nanotechnology projections need to be tempered by realism about what it will be used for in the hands of corporations and governments - but that nanotechnology also offers enormous opportunities for the liberation of humanity.



The Philosophy of Mind: Concise and relatively objective definitions of key terms in the Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science.

Artificial Intelligence Resources Artificial Intelligence or "ALife" is getting so advanced, our definitions of 'life' will either have to include various 'virtual organisms' or be re-defined...

Cryonics Suspension

Imagine for a moment that cryonics worked perfectly, right now. Imagine that you could simply turn a person off, like a light switch, and turn them back on again days or months or years later, perfectly healthy, as though not a moment had gone by. What would it mean?

There’s only one problem with the way cryonics is presented in science fiction. Cryonics isn’t fiction. It’s science -- the logical conclusion to a growing accumulation of hard scientific facts.

Such as?

  • The fact that several living creatures have been already frozen to liquid nitrogen temperature and below, where they exhibited no signs of life and experienced no signs of decay -- and were then restored to functioning normal life.
  • The fact that human tissues, including brain tissue and sperm and even human embryos, have also been cooled on literally thousands of occasions to a seemingly non-living state, and have been again restored to life.
  • The fact that scientific procedures for the avoidance of freezing damage (through a process called vitrification) and for the repair of freezing damage (through nanotechnological cell repair) have been developed in theory and are even now being developed in practice.
  • The fact that research which could make cryonics a reality is even now being funded in the millions and (in the case of nanotech) even in the tens of billions of dollars.
  • The fact that increasing numbers of reputable and respected mainstream scientists have not only flatly stated that cryonics can work, but have even signed up to receive cryonics services themselves.
  • The fact that cryonics organizations like CI not only exist in the real world today, but have shown themselves able to keep patients safely in cryostasis for decades.


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