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On this page we will bring you current issues pertaining to all aspects of E-commerce including a link for cross-reference purposes. Digi-nomix is here to stay and Metamorphose will go out of the way to provide fresh data, it's up to you to make it useful.


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Business-to-business e-commerce will show blistering growth in the coming years, with the worldwide market expected to expand to $7.29 trillion by 2004, more than 50 times larger than in 1999, a market research company said on Wednesday. (TechWeb)

Marketer's Challenge It isn't rocket science. It still means establishing objectives, targeting an audience, implementing a planned strategy and measuring results," he said. "What technology and the Internet have done is introduce new tools, new delivery models and open an exciting interactive arena.

Media Metrix's e-commerce measurement services try to address marketers' and retailers' needs for developing successful marketing strategies, gathering tangible competitive data, and site-specific in-depth consumer demographics. 

The Import-Export Bulletin Board, "The Home on The Internet for Professional International Trade. The IEBBSM is the traders source for international transactions and information. Buy, Sell, Transact Business or Find Trade Information.

"NextCard cardholders represent the most Internet-savvy, active online shoppers," said NextCard's chief marketing officer Dan Springer in a statement. "Therefore, we developed the NextCard eCommerce Index to provide accurate and reliable information about where consumers actually purchase on the Internet." 

Imminent Opportunities These five sectors are already healthy, but they will soon take off big-time. I've listed them in the approximate order they will hit the "hockey stick" growth phase.

Three days after introducing a new selling policy and new fees, online auction leader eBay retreated from the policy under a storm of user protests.

The Internet Advertising Bureau study showed that consumer-related Web sites received the most online ad revenue, followed by financial services sites, computing, retail/mail order, and new media. Banner ads accounted for 58 percent of all online advertising; sponsorships accounted for 29 percent; ''interstitials,'' or streaming video ads, accounted for 6 percent; and email ads 1 percent. 

Card Serach USA

BroadVision Builds XML Arsenal with Interleaf Acquisition an e-content company, a division dedicated to development, marketing and sale of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based content management tools for Web and wireless applications.

According to a Jupiter Communications report, about 64 percent of those surveyed mistrust online privacy policies. In light of recent privacy issues faced by America Online, United Airlines, and other online companies, the high percentage of wary users is understandable, analysts say.

  • allECommerce offers Internet-based ECommerce news, resources, and business strategy. Archives of e-commerce news stories and releases. Links to many e-commerce sources.

  • American Banker Online carries e-commerce articles related to banking.

  • E-CARM--Electronic Commerce and Rights Management Mailing List has been established to foster and support an on-line discussion forum to debate technical and managerial issues pertaining to: secure transactions, competing rights management models (e.g. ECMS, PICS, certificates, FIRM, etc.), evolving standards, supporting technologies, and other approaches to enabling electronic commerce. It will also serve to inform members of upcoming conferences and online resources, as well as to identify critical factors relevant to developing and implementing a rights management infrastructure. To subscribe send email to: In the body of the message type: subscribe e-carm FirstName LastName

  • Fortune Magazine's Digital Watch sometimes has e-commerce articles.

  • I-Shop Discussion List discusses topics from both the merchant and consumer perspectives. I-Shop is moderated by Will Johnston, and owned by AudetteMedia.

  •, news and information for Internet Retailers.

  • A Clue ... to Internet Commerce, written and published by Dana Blankenhorn. Available also as a weekly HTML e-mail publication.

  • Industry Week contains some stories of how manufacturers are using the Internet.

  • Current Technology magazine. Includes occasional articles on e-commerce software or issues.

  • NetProfit$ for the Internet Entrepreneur, is a new print magazine with Web highlights.

  • eCommerce Alert, electronic commerce analysis, strategy and interaction. Monthly newsletter from the Cobb Group, a division of Ziff-Davis. Free site for a limited time. Includes online archive. Also includes a Rolodex of eCommerce Players.

  • Canadian Direct Marketing Association

  • International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, "the world business organization."

  • is designed for Internet retailers -- a forum to share their experiences with this new medium, a spokesman to represent their interests, and a partner to help grow the market.

  • "NewMedia," Web version of trade magazine focusing on new media including the Web. Some e-commerce and marketing related articles. Many articles are technical.

  • "Electronic Commerce," Link Exchange WebResource Center. Links to e-commerce topics and services.

  • "Sell It! on the Web," Provides resources on setting up and maintaining a Web store. How to do it information and a weekly e-zine.

  • "Electronic Buyers' News," Trade journal sometimes carries articles on e-commerce among electronic products distributors.

  • "Galaxy Electronic Commerce Guide," Galaxy. General Products and Services - Business and Commerce.

  • Catalog Age, monthly trade focusing on catalog sales.

  • National Mail Order Association including the mail order museum.

  • Electronic Marketing and Commerce Related Websites, from ENVision. Links to helpful sites.

  • TEXAS-ONE Electronic Commerce Information. Information resources for business.

  • "Apparelzine," ApparelZine,. Index of articles on using the Internet to promote and sell in the apparel industry.

  • "ZDNet eBusiness," ,. New center linking to e-commerce articles in ZD publications. Also carries current e-commerce news.

  • "CMP NetBusiness," Provides articles, Dr. Commerce Q&A column, case studies, and marketing ideas for online stores.

  • "," Describes itself as "the online resource center for electronic commerce management." Includes a monthly magazine.

  • "CyberReview," Walid Mougayer's biweekly e-mail and Web newsletter containing "theory and practice reflections on the present and future of Net commerce."

  • "Center for Research in Electronic Commerce," University of Texas at Austin. Links to many e-commerce resources, as well as various research projects.

  • "Spotlight on E-Commerce," C|Net General resource site with links to many e-commerce articles and reviews.

  • Chris Maher, "Selling Your Art Online," . A great center of information for artists. Articles on setting up an online gallery, etc., promotion, online sales, etc. E-mail newsletter with tips.

  • "E-Tailer's Digest," GAP Enterprises, Ltd.. E-mail discussion digest published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on Internet retailing.

  • "NewsNow," NewsNow Publishing Ltd.. UK resource scans online periodicals for articles and provides updates every 5 minutes of e-commerce related stories in the news.

  • "VStoreNews," VSN Publishing. "If You Make, Sell or Buy Consumer Products, This is Your Place in Cyberspace!" Subscription-based e-commerce publication, 12 issues, $330. Edited by James Tenser.

  • E-Commerce Times, Widecast Media, Inc.. "Everything you need to know about doing business online." News headlines, comment, and feature articles.

  • "EC.Edge," Monthly e-zine about e-commerce strategies, trends, and key news events. Edited by Mitchell Levy. "e-Business Advisor," Advisor Media, Inc.. "Technology strategies for business innovation." An IT approach to e-commerce.

  • , "Internet Retailer," , . "Merchandising in a time of virtual stores." Bi-monthly print magazine from trade publisher Faulkner & Gray. So far, no articles on website. $78/year.

  • John Labovitz, "E-Zines-List," . List of e-zines around the world, accessible via the Web, FTP, email, and other services. The list is updated approximately monthly; in June of 1999, it contained 4225 e-zines.

  • "InternetCLAN,", 7/1/99. Focus on business-to-business e-commerce strategies and case studies, along with relevant news and discussion. Weekly in-depth interviews with key players in B2B enterprises on the Internet, with good cross references.

  • "Business 2.0," . Online and print magazine, sees itself as "the magazine of business in the Internet Age," with a mission "to clarify and demystify business today, to provide focused reporting on what's working and what isn't."

  • "Electronic Markets," Routledge. Mission is "establish a premiere electronic commerce journal and online resource with editorial capacity in Asia, Europe, and the Americas at the crossroads of theory and practice." Published since 1991. Online articles are in PDF format with HTMLabstracts.

  •  "The Keenan Report," . Monthly analysis of various aspects of e-commerce by Vernon Keenan. Site contains several incisive reports.

  •  "eCommerce Info Center," . "Info in context from the ocean of Internet data." Resources centered on eCommerce help, info sources, products, technologies, small business, B2B, and forum. Free newsletter. Helpful database lists resources.

  •  Jim Carroll, "Columns and articles on e-commerce," Canadian author and columnist has many opinion articles and columns linked at his website.

Specialty and Health Foods

  • Nick Usborne, "The Smell of Success," ClickZ, 1/22/99. Example of how to create synergy between the 'offline' and online representations of a store. In this case, a small aromatherapy practice.

Retail Industry

   Resource Sites and Associations


  • Retail Futures, "a review of innovation and creativity in the retail environment." Institute for Retail and Merchandising Innovation.
  • Point of Purchase Magazine, Shore-Varone, Inc. No articles online, but free subscripton application is available.
  • Display & Design Ideas, Shore-Varone, Inc. Retailer expansion, renovation and redesign of store interiors. No articles online, but free subscripton application is available.
  • Stores Magazine, a publication of National Retail Federation.

Online Commerce

   Resource Sites and Associations

  • Commerce Net, "The premier industry consortium for companies using, promoting and building electronic commerce solutions on the Internet"


  • Web Commerce Today, an e-mail and Web periodical and online research center devoted to helping Internet merchants sell effectively online. Wilson Internet Services
  • is the monthly e-mail newsletter of the world's leading electronic commerce consortium, providing the latest on what is happening at and within CommerceNet. Both e-mail and Web versions and archives.
  • NetProfit, the Magazine for Internet Retailers.

Direct Marketing and Mail Order

   Resource Sites and Associations


Government Agencies

Resources Centers from US Computer Magazine Publishers

Non-US Resource Centers

Other Resources

  • LinkShare's Links to E-Commerce Sources
  • National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, Washington, D.C.
  • WOMEX, World Merchandise Exchange Online, "the global online home for importers and exporters of general merchandise."
  • "WOMEX Reinvents the Global Marketplace," E Business, May 1997. WOMEX, a new business-to-business trading service that brings together buyers and manufacturers from more than 135 countries in an on-line community.
  • @Brint Electronic Commerce & Electronic Markets has many annotated links to e-commerce subjects, by Yogesh Malhotra.
  • BizRate Guide, "independent merchant ratings and information for Web shoppers, by Web shoppers."
  • "VStoreNews," VSN Strategies, Inc.. Monthly email (PDF)/fax newsletter covering virtual store retailing for an audience of retailers and brand marketers. Edited by James Tenser. $330 annually.
  • "Charged Magazine," National Cash Register. Monthly webzine "bringing you the latest developments from the fast-moving world of e-commerce." Issue 2 didn't have much about online transactions, but more about smart cards, etc.
  • "RT," . "The technology magazine for retail executives."