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Brain Research in this area has made large strides in recent years, but there is much more ground to be gained. Is there anything more important than understanding what makes us human? (Cryonics, Smart drugs, AI...)
Sociology In order to understand the dynamics of  inequality  and how to overcome you must first understand basic principles of human interaction and patterns of geographical and other forms of connectedness. 
Philanthropy As government gradually  pulls assistance out of our inner cities  and rural communities metamorphose will accept it's share of social responsibility by introducing  initiatives of our own. In the future  it will be common place for corporations to invest in human potential and place less emphasis on the bottom line. 
Government It is your responsibility to your fellow man to understand the governing body just as it is that bodies responsibility to understand him. If these responsibilities are not accepted humanity is the victim. 
Transhumanism Due to technological advancement humanism is being augmented. Should we tie our hands behind our back and allow the advanced phylum  known to man to fizzle out after the standard life span of a species.   
E-commerce To understand the concepts, theories and practices that will continue to drive the information revolution, at this juncture in time, is comparable to understanding attributes of industrialization in the late 18th century.
Spirituality Spirit is what drives you to know, progress, grow, and perceive that which the conscious is unaware of.
Why not practice techniques that strengthen this inner being and harness a unforeseen Quality of life
Indie Media Now that the ability to communicate viewpoints on a grand scale can be enjoyed by more than just the conglomerates, we as consumers will begin to enjoy a  media which is more specialized and honest.
Web Design We believe this is a very important skill of the future. We will provide only the best resources for beginners and the more experienced. (HTML , JavaScript , Active X , CGI and Perl Scripting , XML)
Arts + Crafts Art is important to humanity because it is expression that transcends the inadequacies of  language and it stimulates fresh thought processes. We plan to help artist sell their inspirations.


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